Monday, December 09, 2019
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Van Wagenen Missions Update

by Hunter Van Wagenen

If you’ve talked to Stephie or me for very long, you’ve probably heard us talk about moving to Spain at the beginning of 2020. If you’ve talked to us for a little longer, it’s likely we’ve mentioned the Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage across the northern part of Spain. If that’s all you’ve heard, we want to tell you more!

This call to minister in Spain on the Camino is a calling that God has had on my heart for almost 12 years, and it’s one we’re excited to share with Redeemer, our primary sending church. Many of you have listened to us share stories about the pilgrims we’ve met – folks from all over the world who are walking 500 miles in order to find something – who are hurting, confused, and in a place of searching. Many of you have prayed for us as we prepare to go and seek God’s guidance on a specific town and even building in which to found a ministry of hospitality, a hostel that would be a place for shared meals, rest, and Holy-Spirit-led conversations between pilgrims and hosts.

On Saturday, June 22nd, at 7:00pm, Stephie and I are excited to introduce you all to Denise Cox, the assistant director of SAMS (the Society for Anglican Missionaries and Senders), our sending agency. Together, the three of us will share the vision God has given us for ministry on the Camino, where we are in the process of getting there, and how we hope more folks from Redeemer will stay involved after we move.

So come and join us in the sanctuary for Spanish wine and tapas, invite friends from Redeemer and beyond who might be interested in our ministry, and get involved in what God is doing on the Camino de Santiago! For more details about the event and to sign up, check out our event page.

For more information about our ministry in Spain visit For more information about SAMS, visit

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