Monday, December 09, 2019
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Updates From the Field: Boe Renslow

Hey Church family!

For those of you who I don’t know, my name is Boe Renslow. I was raised in Greensboro and can contribute a large number of my cherished childhood memories to my days at Church of the Redeemer.

Nearly three years ago, Redeemer sent me out as a missionary to the Himalayas. Since then, I have been serving on “the roof of the world” as they call it, and I am convinced that I have the best job in the world. Growing up all of my friends dreamed of being in the NFL, a veterinarian, or a Firefighter. I always dreamed of being an ambassador. As a child, I assumed I would represent America. Little did I know that at 23 years old I would represent something much greater than that.

My job here is to represent Jesus and His Kingdom in a land where millions have yet to hear His name or His story. I have learned the language here and now spend about a third of my year in the mountains trekking from village to village to share His good news. The other portions of the year are spent in the capital city strategizing how to get others into these regions to do the same thing.

Growing up in Greensboro, I assumed all people had at least heard about Jesus. I was horribly mistaken. Last year, a friend and I were on a scouting trip to one of the darkest regions in the Himalayas, a place where they still practice human sacrifice and worship ancient gods. As we summited a pass, we asked a shepherd if he had ever heard of the man Jesus, he replied: “No, I don’t know him, maybe he lives in the next village.” We had to laugh at his response, but his reply had a grave underlying truth and it stuck with me. Thousands of people are dying each day in my new home country convinced there are only two religions to choose from, Hinduism or Buddhism.

I am convinced that every household deserves to have a Bible in their own language so they can decide for themselves their opinion on Jesus. I lead a small team which is responsible for getting a Bible into the hands of approximately 173,000 people that our community of 55 has committed to. We are currently 64% of the way through with our commitment so I am now coordinating with other organizations here to reach the entire 29 million people of this nation in the next five years.

Living in the Himalayas has not been easy. It is difficult being away from family and friends and to live in a land where everything seems strange, overwhelming, and unfamiliar. However, I have been invited to play a role in the story which God is writing here in Asia. I may not be the most polished or qualified, but God values our friendship and wants to see Asia saved with our help. Yes, He wants to see Asia saved with your help. You may never pack a Bible into a book bag and trek over an 18,000-foot pass, but through prayer and financial support, you can claim a part of that Bible’s journey from a printing press to an unreached villagers hands. I play one role in the process but that role is no greater than any other. I have the honor to do my part but only because others do theirs.

I would love to invite you to join in on what the Lord is doing here in Asia—even from your living room at home. One way is to partner in prayer:

  • Pray for the hearts of those that haven’t heard to be softened and prepared.
  • The task of reaching every home in this nation is daunting, please pray for faith and favor.
  • Persecution is rising. Many of my friends have recently been imprisoned for this work and one day it could be me. Please pray for my local friends who suffer much higher consequences.
  • Pray for grace in continuing to learn the language, adapting to this culture, and grace for health in a horrendously unsanitary part of the world.

You can also partner with me financially HERE or HERE (or by reaching out personally).

I aim to send out regular emails and my heart is always to include people on this journey of seeing Asia reached by the gospel. If you would like to hear testimonies and hear updated prayer requests, you can EMAIL ME and I would love to add you to my update list.

I am so thankful for my Redeemer family and feel so blessed to have you guys behind me. I truly do want to bring you along for the ride here in the Himalayas so please be in touch! I would love to connect.

Blessings from Asia,
Boe Renslow

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