Monday, December 09, 2019
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Summer Growth Series 2019


w/ Dr. Jason Myers

Immigration today is an important and often contested issue within religion and politics. This six-week course takes a survey of the scriptural evidence concerning the immigrant within the books of the Old and New Testament. It will provide a theological framework for understanding the topic of immigration informed via scripture. Likewise, the course will conclude with addressing practical, social, and legal issues surrounding these topics as we become more educated on the challenges and opportunities on this key issue. Readings for the course will be limited to scripture and select articles.


Anglican Theology

w/ Fr. Benjamin Wall

​Anglicanism, what’s this all about? What does it mean to be Anglican, theologically and practically? Throughout this Summer Growth Series, we will explore how Anglican theology is closely intertwined with Christian spirituality and, in particular, how Scripture, tradition, worship, and prayer play distinctive roles in Anglican theology and identity. The aim of this 6–week series is to develop a greater appreciation for the relationship between theology, prayer, and worship in the Anglican Way. We will learn about the distinctive history of Anglican theology and its dynamic, diverse, and contemporary practice. We will also examine Anglican thinking about the good life, especially in its connection with worship, the sacraments, and its outworking in everyday life. I will discuss how we are a people of prayer and incarnation, and a people who honor scripture, tradition, and reason. We will talk about God in ways that honor the fullness of humanity and God’s creation. I will talk about some big words. I hope you will consider joining me.


Human Sexuality

w/ Rev. Alan Hawkins

Not only is the issue of Human Sexuality & The Gospel a cultural issue, it is also at the forefront of our very own diocese and many discussions we have had among leaders. This will be a 3-class course spread over the summer months (with time to read between monthly classes) looking at the issue of Human Sexuality & The Gospel. At the end of the time, you will be well prepared and versed on the Topic, in order to communicate clearly and think of the issue both pastorally and prophetically. In other words…. you will learn a great deal this summer about SEX!

This class will be taught remotely, with members reading and listening to material between each monthly discussion. Members will meet together to discuss, and Alan will call in remotely to lead that discussion. We will listen to several podcasts and read three books.

You can find a link to Matthew Mason’s Video and/or Audio HERE [Just look under 2016 Convocation Media)
We will also read three books:
  1. Rev. Sam Allberry Is God Anti-Gay?
  2. Kuehne, Dale S. Sex and the iWorld: Rethinking Relationship Beyond an Age of Individualism
  3. Yarhouse, Mark Understanding Gender Dysphoria


Financial Foundation

w/ Stephen Boatman

This is a class geared to help you work on your finances in a biblical way. Money is one of the most talked-about topics in the Bible, and most of us know that God wants us to be wise stewards of what He has given us. But what does that look like? How do we provide for ourselves and our families, while also being generous? What are the financial areas that matter, and the things that don’t?

In this 4-week class, Certified Financial Planner Stephen Boatman will lead you through all of these questions with both biblical and practical applications. In a culture of debt and poor (or nonexistent) budgeting, you will learn how God has called you to live differently – even with your finances.

Cost: $50 per household


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