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Fellows Rwanda

Redeemer to Rwanda 2019: Report #4

by Bethany Moore

Sunday, May 26

It’s been an amazing week and the adventure continues!

Friday marked the third year for Dr. Jason Myers to host a Pastor’s Conference for priests, pastors, and church leaders of Gahini and Karangazi. In the past, they have reviewed the narrative of Scripture, the first two Gospels, and this year we studied Luke and John. I was so impressed by the fifty pastors (some from Uganda!) who made the journey and sacrificed their day of work to come and learn and fellowship together. The morning was primarily spent looking at Luke. Jason and Pastor Jonathan discussed who the author was, his purpose, and context for writing along with some of the parables only found in his book. We focused on chapter four with the theme of the Holy Spirit, chapter ten and the Good Samaritan, as well as chapter nineteen with Jesus and Zacchaeus. This day gave me a new perspective on Scripture in how these pastors from another culture interpret the Word of God. There are unique ways for these passages to speak into these lives and hearts.

After lunch together, we dove into the book of John and his distinct writing style. Using the term “eternal life” over “Kingdom of God” John emphasizes how life in God’s Kingdom means loving others. There are seven signs or miracles that correlate with seven “I am” statements, like when Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life” He then raises Lazarus from the dead. It is so inspiring to see how these men and women of God are learning together and encouraging one another in their ministries.

Saturday began with Umaganda, which is the community work day in Gahini. This is a day set aside for the town to come together over a project and care for their neighbors. We assisted by making mortar and building bricks for a widow’s home– getting dirty and having fun! We also played with some of the children who came. We went up to the cathedral in the afternoon for the retirement service for Bishop Alexis. The Bishop appreciated his many gifts, including fifteen cows! The cows that Bishop Alexis received were a sign of honor from the community and speak to the immense impact he had in Gahini over 29 years. We were honored to partake in his retirement ceremony. One lesson we took away was that as we serve God, it is our long term obedience to him that can have a great impact for the kingdom.

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