Thursday, December 05, 2019
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Prayer at Church of the Redeemer

The Anglican Church draws on rich Christian traditions to build our faith, actions, direction, and spiritual formation. Following the model of the Acts 2 church, we believe strongly in discipleship, community, and prayer. Plus we find corporate worship, liturgies, and prayers from hundreds of years ago to be powerful and enriching to our walk of faith. These things also center us to the historic reality of who Jesus is and our connection to faith through the ages.

Much of our prayer at Church of the Redeemer is drawn from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer is a collection of scripture readings and written prayers that help us connect modern Christians with our historic Christian faith.

Prayer is available at Church of the Redeemer in the following ways:

  1. The intercessory prayer team is available to pray confidentially at any time for immediate needs.
  2. The prayer team offers personal prayer ministry each week in our Sunday morning services during communion. We believe in the power of prayer through laying on of hands and asking the Lord to intervene for you.
  3. Sometimes a more extended prayer time is required in order to: hear your story; to also hear from the Lord, and pray more deeply into your situation or healing. Those prayer times are available via submission of a prayer request.
  4. Hospital or convalescent visits are also available via request.
  5. Individual prayer is also available during COTR retreats.

We believe Jesus still reaches out to hurting, oppressed, sick, and captive people and makes them whole. Our prayer is that Jesus will make you and those whom you love completely healed and whole in body, mind, will, and emotions.

Please feel free to LET US KNOW if you have a heart for prayer and want more information about considering to be a part of one or both of the prayer teams or if you would like to receive prayer.

The prayer team hopes the following foundational Healing Scriptures help you in your journey of seeking wholeness from our loving Lord: Healing Scriptures

Submit a Prayer Request

Church of the Redeemer believes in the power and authority of our Lord to bring physical, spiritual, and emotional healing to those who are hurting, hungry, searching, in need, or rejoicing. We welcome your prayer requests and will keep them confidential among our Prayer Team and Church Staff. If you would like to make an appointment for personal prayer with two of our Prayer Team members, you may write that in your message. We feel honored to join our faith with yours and seek the Lord in prayer for your needs. Please let us know how we can lift you up in prayer to our loving Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ.

You may USE THIS LINK to request prayer. All messages are received by the prayer team.

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