Monday, December 09, 2019
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Music For Your Family’s Summer

by Leah Wall

As we look forward to the Garden and Grow curriculum this summer, the children’s family ministry team would like to gift you with access to the music!

Each Sunday we will be memorizing a verse about one of the characteristics of God. We hope that this Summer our children will grow in their understanding of who God is and that it will strengthen the foundation of their trust in Him.

I, personally, love the Seeds Family Worship team because they take verses from the Bible and sing them without adding extra words. I love the way that they have stayed in my mind and the way that I am able to use them to remind my children of various truths in the midst of a normal day.

Please look for the CDs or digital download cards on Sunday, June 9th. If you miss it then, we’ll have extras in the Grove while supplies last.

By listening to this music with your family over the Summer, we know you will all get a chance to grow in your knowledge of God. There will also be a chance for the children to earn prizes by memorizing these verses. Towards the end of the Summer, we’ll give children a chance to either sing or recite what they can recall. We will also be handing out Bible memory verse cards for them to review with over the Summer. They’re pretty easy to learn just by listening to them but for those that want to work on it, the cards will be extra help.

We trust that there is great value in committing these words of God to your hearts and minds. We pray that you would be encouraged this summer as we all grow in our knowledge of Him.

The music can also be streamed on Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

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