Monday, December 09, 2019
The Abbey

Muhoza’s Cafe

Hello Church of the Redeemer,

It has been an amazing thing to be able to serve the fine people of our church every Sunday! We are so happy to have the responsibility of running the Muhoza Cafe during the hour after church. Serving people has always been our passion, and we come from a country (Rwanda) where the culture is all about fellowship with others.

One of the greatest things we see each week is how people get to meet one another and it is our hope that we can play a part in making the time in the greenhouse a warm, loving, and caring time. We hope you have felt the love and care from our hearts to you.

Every Sunday we serve coffee, biscuits, and either sambusa or mandazi. Our coffee comes from fair trade farmers in Nicaragua, Kenya, and Rwanda. Nate Peachey’s organization, The Rosedale Business Group, has connected us with a coffee company that has built partnerships with great farmers around the world. Sambusa and mandazi are both popular treats in Rwanda and we make them fresh for you on Sunday mornings. The sambusas are pastry pockets stuffed with seasoned beef and sometimes vegetables. Mandazi is an African beignet (or donut as you like to call them). Please come try some!

Every Sunday all of the money from Muhoza Cafe goes into a savings account that will one day be used for Laurence and me to start a business. I have been learning a lot about business and I look forward to using it soon to provide for my family and to create jobs for others. Thanks so much for your support and we look forward to serving you on Sunday!

Alain Muhoza
Muhoza Cafe

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