Monday, December 09, 2019
The Parish

Meet the Alger Family!

We want to welcome the Alger family: The Rev. Canon Dr. Dan, Karen, Eli, and Silas.

The Alger family has come to Redeemer by way of Atlanta where they have been planting a church for the past seven years.  Before that, they planted a church in Hope Mills, NC. For the many of you who know former Redeemer members The Rev. Elijah Lovejoy and his family, this is the church where Elijah now serves as Rector.

Dan serves as the Provincial Canon for Church Planting for the Anglican Church in North America. A “Canon” is someone set apart by the bishop to represent his office while overseeing a particular ministry. In Dan’s case, Archbishop Foley Beach has tasked him with advancing the work of church planting throughout North America. The ACNA’s church planting initiative is called Always Forward and you can learn more at

Although new to Greensboro, the Alger family is not new to North Carolina. Dan grew up in Morehead City, while Karen grew up in Wilson. Both Karen and Dan are graduates of UNC-Chapel Hill. At Redeemer, Dan will be serving on our preaching team and will lead Always Forward as part of the Abby here at New Garden Park.

When not planting churches, Dan is a musician, home brewer, and burgeoning woodworker.

Karen keeps the Alger household running smoothly and serves primarily as wife and mother. In Atlanta she worked in the media center of the local elementary school, so she loves books and organization. You will also find her shaking her ponytail to some Aerosmith from time to time.

Eli is 12 and about to enter 7th grade, while Silas is 10 and going into 6th grade. Both are baseball pitchers and love playing basketball as well. Eli is a reading and sports fanatic and you’ll often see Silas surrounded by legos.

The Algers are anxious to dive deep into the community and make new friends here at Redeemer, so reach out to them, invite them over for dinner (or invite yourself to their house- they are fine with that too!). Feel free to reach out to Dan or Karen any time.

Welcome, Alger family!

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