Monday, December 09, 2019
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Family Resources For Lent: Lamenting Racism

by Leah Wall
Lead Catechist for Children

This past Sunday we, as a church, spent time lamenting racism and praying for equality. I have found that, more often than we notice, the heavy things on our hearts are also on the hearts of our children. Story reaches out in a way that direct teaching often can’t. If you would like to discuss this week’s topic with your children and are looking for a way to open that conversation, here are some books that I have read and believe would be a help. These are also just great books with themes that resonate with the heart of God. Because of some of the themes presented, I recommend pre-reading, using your own discretion on the age-appropriateness of each book.

THE BIG UMBRELLA by Amy June Bates. A book for young children that demonstrates that there is room for everyone. (Ages 2+)

THE COLORS OF US by Karen Katz. A mother of an adopted child explores the different colors that people’s skin can be in this affirming book. (Ages 2+)

SEPARATE IS NEVER EQUAL by Duncan Tonatiuh. This is a true story about the fight for school desegregation in California. It is the story of Sylvia Mendez & her family. (Ages 8+)

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